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We provide precision CNC Machining of metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics.
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CNC milling

Our production is fully equipped with 3-axis and 4-axis CNC milling machines that offer high accuracy, precision and versatility.

CNC turning

By using our latest CNC lathes with driven tools, we can turn parts with very precise dimensional tolerances.


We use high-end machining simulation software to verify toolpaths and avoid collisions. That ensures optimization of tools, materials and machining time.


We have automated sawing machines allowing maximum production. By reducing the cutting width, more of the material can be used, and as a result decreases waste too.


We have a complete line of inspection equipment and follow strict quality standards and apply advanced technologies to verify accuracy and quality.

Our technology and equipment

We offer a wide range of milling processes including 3D surface milling, hole milling and drilling, reaming, back countersinking, internal and external thread milling, slot milling, pocket milling and contour milling.
Our team of highly skilled operators with extensive experience in CNC and conventional turning allows us the flexibility to produce anything from single development parts to large series of parts.
We are experienced in machining complex components from a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, conventional steel grades, aluminium, duralumin, brass, copper and a large range of plastics.
From material selection to final shipment, all production parts are constantly subjected to strict inspection procedures. To satisfy the high demands of our customers, we provide a measurement report in printed or electronic form after the output inspection.

Samples of selected products for our clients


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